Sonja Bogesch

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My name is Sonja Bogesch and I am a London Lash Pro trainer in Boblingen, Germany.

I joined the beauty industry in 2003 and since then my passion for beauty treatments has become bigger and bigger. I am an expert in eyelash extensions with over 9 years experience. 

My favourite lash style is squirrel, it's perfect most clients and has a beautiful look and effect. 

LLP products I cannot live without:

Royal Bond
Volume tweezers

My top tip for new artists is to not be afraid, we all need time and practice, it's worth it!

To book your trainings with me please contact me directly:



71101 Schönaich, Stuttgart


Phone: +49 1723114419


Instagram: @meandbeautyakademie




Achievements and competitions:

 *Competition 2013
3rdPlace Classic - Lashes Cup
in Nuremberg (first Competition in Germany)
*Competition 2014
2ndPlace Classic - Lashes Cup in Nuremberg national
2ndPlace Classic - Lash Trophy Beauty Forum Munich international Vice-Champion 2014
*Competition 2015
1stPlace Classic - German Lash Trophy, Leipzig, Germany 2015
*Competition 2016
Finalist Classics - Lash Trophy, Munich, Germany
*Competition 2017
3rdPlace Classics Experts and 4thPlace Light Volume Experts - German Masters, Berlin

Online competitions:

Competition 2017
2ndPlace Lash art - London Lash Battle
1stPlace Lash art -German Masters, Berlin, Germany
Lash art Champion, Germany 2017/2018
1stPlace Lash art Experts - Oscars Competition
2nd Place Lashart Experts Oscars, 2018
Victoires du Regard World Championship Top10 Classic Germany



Foundation Training with Adessa Germany, 2011
Make up artist and Visagiste, 2012
Luxus Lashes, 2012
Elizabet Celik, 2013 Trainer Certificate
Ala Rio, 2014 Volumetraining
Evi Fuhrmann, 2014 Pre- Competition
Elizabet Celik, 2014 Lash Lift
Hanna Putjato, 2015 Russian Volume
Polina Glebanova, 2015 Mega Volume
Beauty therapist, 2016
Ala Rio, 2016 Mentoring Volume
Eva Bond, 2016 Volume
Irina Andreeva, 2017 Mega Volume
Tanja Nicklaus, 2017 Lashart
Hajnalka Simon-Lendvai, 2017 Russian Volume
Kristin von Kietzell, 2017
Ilona Cypiene, 2018 Express Volume
Darja Striletskaja, 2018, Russian Volume
London Lash Pro, 2018 Trainer Certificate
Sonja Shmatko, 2019, Russian Volume and One by One Technique Tatyana Terenteva

Veronica Rich , 2020,Masterclass Lash Filler Webinar
Darija Striletskaja, 2020, Brow Architectur Webinar
Beau Ideal , 2020, Powder Brows
Blessed Beauty,2020, Workshop Remover Pmu
Student ,2020, Social Media Management
Julia Vedrova ,2020, tapping technique and Creative effects


Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020